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white kratom strains

white kali kratom

Some white strains provide a very high energy boost, and it can be an overwhelming experience for some people. However, White Vein Kali maintains some of the pain relief and sedation expected of a red strain, which helps mitigate some […]

white elephant kratom

Referring to the larger-than-average size of its harvested leaves, White Elephant strains are thought to be a highly euphoric and stimulating, offering users a potentially energizing and pleasant mood lift. White Elephant strains been recommended by some for potentially alleviating feelings of depression, […]

white bali kratom

White Bali seems to inherit the primarily sedating profile of its green and red counterparts by potentially providing a smooth, tapered, moderately energetic effect that gradually becomes more sedating. Some users have reported that it provides improved focus and clarity, […]

white thai kratom

Common consensus on White Thai seems to be mixed, with enthusiastic users describing it as a mildly energetic and euphoric – especially less so than other whites. However, for some to feel its effects, higher doses were necessary. Those less […]