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yellow kratom strains

Yellow Bali kratom

Purportedly a blend of Sumatra and Borneo kratom, Yellow Bali likely originates as White-veined Bali, before undergoing a secondary drying phase in the sun, altering its effects profile and color. Yellow and White Bali appear to be similar, but there […]

Yellow Vietnam kratom

Yellow Vietnam is thought to be harvested as white veined leaf before undergoing a secondary curing process in the sun, altering its colour. It appears to be less similar to its highly-stimulating white-veined precursor, and more comparable to Red Vietnam. The strain […]

yellow borneo (aka kalimantan, ketapang, jongkong, hulu)

Yellow-veined kratom is thought to undergo an extended drying process in the sun, resulting in distinctively darkened leaves and slightly altered effects. Yellow Borneo is a likely variant of White Borneo, typically grown and harvested in Indonesia. The strain seems […]